Piggyback Connector

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The 'Piggyback Connector' is a clever little thing that can be hidden away in the back pocket of our silicone lined kids lunch bags. Simply slide it out, fold it and slip it into the front pocket of your everyday kids backpack or junior kids backpack to “piggyback” the bags together. Yay.

Our Piggyback Connector only works with the Lunch Bag.

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Our piggyback connector has been designed for use in cases such as “wearing a backpack while walking”. Crazy huh? It does not use 5 point safety harness technology and while it has undergone 'adventure' testing it is not intended for back flips, abseiling, and lap swimming. Bonus cute feature alert! They are great for wearing while actually being piggybacked... Awwwwww... we know, it's adorable.

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