Photo Magnets

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Listen, can you hear them? "Let me out, let me out...” That, my friend, is the desperate plea of the photos stuck inside your phone pleading with you to be released and made into photo magnets! The good news is we’re here to help and your extremely cute pack of 12 magnets is only a few clicks away from becoming a reality.

Our photo magnets are printed in super sharp detail and have slightly rounded corners turning your memories into adorable magnetic mementos. Want to cover your entire fridge with a photo magnet for every day of the year? Simply order 31 separate packs (and possibly a larger fridge!).

Please note: Our photo magnets are kind of like little baby birds… they are very cute but not very strong and can’t be used to hold up sheets of paper etc. Please also note: We don’t encourage holding pieces of paper to your fridge with baby birds or teaching your magnets to fly... What we are trying to say is our magnets are for decorative purposes only.

• 12 Photo Magnets in each pack
• Digitally printed on premium magnetic stock
• Print photos from your phone or computer
• Our magnets are for decorative purposes only
• Each Magnet is 46mm (1.8") x 46mm (1.8")

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